Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Politics for the Six-Year-Old

Davis overheard me listening to the the Pennsylvania primaries on the Georgene Rice show yesterday and asked me if the guy I wanted to win had the most votes or not. "No, he doesn't," I replied. I then launched into a politics and government lesson about how the primary and general election works. I drew several "R's" on one side and several "D's" on the other. "We are over here on the "R" side. The guy I wanted to win, Mike Huckabee, he did not get enough votes, neither did this guy, Mitt Romney, or this other guy." I erased an "R" for each of these names, leaving only one R left. "So the only guy left on the R side is John McCain so his name goes down here in the General Election Box. And then here on the other side are the Democrats. There are two Democrats left, Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton. They are both trying to get their name in the General Election Box and we will know that in a few more weeks. But when it comes my turn to vote in the general election, I am not going to vote for any of these guys," I said, pointing to all three, "because all of these guys think its OK for a mommy to take a baby out of their tummy before it is ready to come out and then let it die and I don't think that's OK at all."

He has heard me talk about abortion one other time, so the concept was not totally foreign but his eyes got saucer-sized and he said, "Well we've got to DO SOMETHING about this!" I joined in his enthusiasm, "YES! We do!" I started to explain how we could raise money for places that help mommies that find themselves pregnant even though they are not ready to be pregnant. He interrupted my idea with one of his own: "No wait!! We can take a bunch of money and go to those guys that make the laws and tell them that we will give them all this money if they take away that bad law. And then, maybe they would be foolish enough and take the money and God could use their foolishness for His goodness!"

God will certainly, upon a day, use their foolishness for His goodness. Alleluia!


jon and erin said...

Wow, out of the mouths of babes.

Megan said...

Davis, you amaze me. Lord use this boy for your glory.

Ginger said...

Oh, sweet boy! That we all had your same passion and intensity to DO SOMETHING to make it right! Amen Megan.

Pate Family said...

Good thinking!