Monday, April 25, 2011

"Four" won't last forever

No, this is not a reference to the number of children we are having.

(Yes. I had to go back to
Christmas to get a photo of my kids.)
I need to log something in my brain and in my blog. I need to see it in writing. When I am about to lose my mind with the whining and tears that a four-year-old produces, and when I dream of perhaps putting said four-year-old in some sort of magical all-day preschool next year, I need to remember that Five-Year-Old-Glover-Boys are a HUGE reward. (Most five-year-olds are, by the way.)

They are sweet. They are helpful. They are capable.

You are going to make it, Mom. You are seven months away from the blissful Year of Five. I know it is tempting, but don't start collecting preschool applications. You have one more year with your lion before the days of him being home full time are *poofed* away. Make that final year count and enjoy the blessing!

(And if you are wondering, I have nothing against preschool. It works for lots of families. Maybe even mine someday.)


Megan said...

So true. The experts always talk about the terrible twos. But we all know that two is just the beginning of all the lessons moms and dads need to experince and learn from God by the means of our kids about love, patience... And how loving and patient HE is with us. Hang in there, and give Weston some extra hugs and an early bedtime :)

CarrieM said...

A wise mom of then 4 kids told me that just as your kids get really helpful and you like having them around,(and maybe even need them) it's time for Kindergarten.

Jon and Erin said...

oh, you mean 4 isn't more glorious than 3? We now have a 4yr old and I was hoping for a change. Looks like I need to keep praying for LOTS of patience.

Pate Family said...

I'm looking into that magical all-day preschool! JK- but I am going to be participating in a nice 2 1/2 hour 3 day a week kind. :)