Sunday, October 10, 2010

15 Parenting Tips I Give Myself: Let them wiggle!

Tip #6 Let Wiggly kids WIGGLE!

Of those four wonderful boys of yours, Jenne, you have two major wigglers! Don't be fooled into thinking that wiggling necessarily means his ears are turned off. You know better - sometimes when you demand stillness, THAT IS WHEN THE EARS ARE THE MOST CLOSED!

So I say, let the wiggly kid wiggle. He can learn to be polite and look in the eyes of a grown up who has spoken a word to him, but when it comes to about 85% of communication, a wiggly bottom is just fine.

I laugh at myself sometimes when I need my 6-year-old wigglebottom to listen and I insist he hold still and LOOK IN MY EYES. I see what immediately happens: his big browns get bigger and browner and he is focused - FOCUSED - on I can almost hear his internal dialogue: look in her eyes lookinhereyes lookinhereyes lookinhereyes lookinhereyes lookinhereye slookinhereyes lookinhereyes. Yeah. He's not listening. He is too busy trying his best to attend to the demand. I have shot myself in the foot.

No wiggle, low brain function so it seems.

And at church, when wigglebottom appears, don't get all caught up in stillness. I mean, don't go crazy or anything, but remember he hears better when he can swing his legs.

I have a friend, a homeschooling mom, and she has her wigglebottom practice math facts while on a trampoline. Brilliant, I tell you!

And lastly, wiggle with him. Its good exercise.


AK Albers Family said...

Jenne, just found your blog and really appreciate your thoughtful, humorous, eloquent and Biblical words! Some are even convicting and eye opening... It's been fun following you on FB, too.

Miss seeing you and your family (and everone else) at Cornerstone. We just got our first substantial snow tonight in Cantwell, AK, and the thermometer on the back porch reads 22F. (It's midnight, but it didn't get much warmer during the day today.) Winter, here we come!

God's Blessings!

Wilson Family said...

Much needed thoughts for use with my wiggler!! THanks!

Jon and Erin said...

I have one maybe to wigglers!!! Thanks for all your parenting tips. I truly take them to heart and use what I can with my boys. Oh, and I hear you learn better when you're moving! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be using a trampoline with Noah while doing school work.