Friday, April 30, 2010

The Kitchen is Closed.

There is a point in a baby's life when the Three Squares come at reasonable times, and there also comes a time when the kids can deal with eating dinner at 7pm, when Daddy is home and hungry. Alas, we are living in the days when
Lunch for the kindergartner is just shy of 11am (gotta catch that bus!)
Lunch for the toddler is at 10am (to get that belly full before nap) and
Dinner for the toddler is at 3pm (in preparation for his 5:30(!) bedtime).
Dinner for the three big kids is at 4:30 (before baseball practice!)
Dinner for the husband is significantly later
Throw in a morning and afternoon snack and what have you got? A mother that does nothing but prepare for and clean up after meals. No wonder I'm not losing those last 6 pounds.

I am largely over the seizure I suffered when discovering the allergy list I needed to learn to cook around. But pair that with the (temporary) everybody-eats-at-a-different-time business and I gotta' admit: I am a little tired of thinking about food. But my children do not seem to be tired of asking to eat every time my hands near the countertop. Which is why I have instated "The Kitchen is Closed" policy.

So, My Little Grazers, don't even ask.


Pate Family said...

I've offered to my family if they would just eat only once a day I would make it a fantastic meal. As it is now, I'm in the kitchen all the time, (with quick trips to the laundry room and to nurse Reagan-which is still feeding someone) and yet everything is just mediocre because I barely have time to finish cleaning up the previous meal and then next one is creeping up on me. You know, if they would invent a pill we could just give everyone that would work as food I would totally go for it. That is a technology I could totally go for.

Megan said...

But when is the kitchen closed? Looks to me like it is open most of the day with all the various mealtimes :) I am thinking about making our snacks veggies only, so that whenever the kids say, "I'm hun-ga-wee!" I can pull out the veggie tray. Or maybe they can get it on their own from the bottom of the fridge off the veggie tray? hmmm...