Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Don't Want to Forget

Little Language-less Weston is finally bursting with words. He is copying tons of things we say, just to try and see if he can say it. You really don't know how much a kid is absorbing until he finally busts out with a sackful of words. Like, the other day when I was not sure where Jackson was... We were all outside and it was time to go, "Jackson!" I called. Weston, who playing outside as well, looked up at me, pointed to Jackson and said, "Ah Kip!" And indeed, he was chatting with our neighbor Skip. I was astounded that he knew Skip's name. Its not like he has seen him much this winter.

So here is my little list (that promises to grow, if I can just remember to write it down):

wa, do, tee, wa, dive! (1,2,3,4,5!)
I pay gay-gay (translation: I want to play with My First LeapPad cartridge "Jay-Jay the Jetplane")
hey doo-en? (translation: How are you doing, or what are you doing)
Wets doe De-De, wets doe! (Let's go Davis, let's go! - think baseball dugout chant, here)
bok-ki-ki (brocoli)
Oh my goog-guk, La-La! (Oh my goodness, Lindy!)
Ah wee hop-op-hop (Translation: I want you to read me the book Hop on Pop)
Bobby geans (jelly beans)


Brenda said...

oh, I HAVE to do this for Ruby, too!! Great idea, Jenne!! SO cute! :)

Ginger@chirgies said...

tooo cute!
They are such sponges! And you're right, we (I) don't realize they're soaking things up until suddenly things pop unexpectedly out of their mouth. "Where'd you learn that???" :)

Keep writing 'em down!