Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Food Group Confusion and Bathroom Etiquette

Davis said last night at dinner: My favorite kind of meat is rice!

Camping last week, I took Weston (19 months) into the showers that the campground provided (nice facilities, by the way). As I was gathering up our supplies after scrubbing the dirt off of us, Weston was walking around the aisleway of shower stalls. He stopped next to the one and only occupied stall, crouched down, put his hands on his knees, cocked his head so he had a better look at the stranger's feet and said over and over again, "hi-eeee... hi-eeeeeeee!" I was so proud that he had discovered word number three (!!) that i did not have the heart to do anything about it besides just hurry ourselves out of there.

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Megan said...

Weston looks so much like Davis in that picture!