Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's About Time

for a picture installment. So, here are recent ones of my precious little men.

"A boy, a cat, and a gun in the sunshine."
Jackson, nearly 4.

This is the expression that comes right before he tries to trick you with a joke or prank.
Davis, 6 1/2

Weston, 14 months, with a bit of lime on his pallet.


Barry said...

What a clan! Thanks for another OUTSTANDING Sunday School today, Jenne. We had Kari all day and she kept reciting that l-o-n-g passage, determined to get it right.

Jenne said...

Wow. Thanks for the huge compliment, Barry.

(You can do it, Kari!!)

Anonymous said...

Such handsome little men Jenne:)